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Welcome to our range of products soon to be available to be purchased online. Pay with PayPal and have your products delivered straight to the door. More products available in our Tuggerah Store.

2 to 1 Hardeners

To suit 2K clear & 2K paint


2K Universal Thinners

To suit automotive top coat, clearcoat and primer.


4 To 1 Hardener

To suit 2K primer filler


Black Foam Buffpad

150mm with 14mm thread.


Body Filler Easy Sanding

Sandable after 15mins


Double Side Wool Buff Pad 200mm


Dry Rub Sand Paper

Revcut Gold Long Lasting Assorted Pack Of 50
Contains: 10x 80 grit, 10x 180 grit, 10x 240 grit, 10x 320 grit, 10x 400 grit.
Size: 228mm x 280mm


Fibreglass Body Filler

For holes and rust


Flash Wax

Makes hand waxing easy. Give lustrous polish and wax.


Hightempture Trade Quality Masking Tape

48mm wide


Hightempture Trade Quality Masking Tape

19mm x 50m


MS100 2K Primer/Filler

Mix 4 to 1 With Hardener - 4LT
Other colours to suit all vechicles. Price on application.


MS100 2K White

Mix 2 To 1 With Hardener
Other colours to suit all vehicles. Price on application.


MS100 2Pack Clear

Mix 2-1 With Hardener


Orange Foam Buffpad

150mm with 14mm thread.


Professional Series HVLP Spray Gun

Dual nozzle set-up. 1.4mm and 2mm included


Suction Spray Gun With 1LT Pot 1.8mm


Swirl Remover 1LT

Removes swirls in paint work. Produces high gloss finish.


Wet & Dry Sand Paper

Assorted Pack Of 100
Contains: 20x 400grit, 20x 600grit, 20x 800grit,
20x 1200grit, 20x 1500grit.
Size: 228mm x 280mm



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