Welcome to "DARE TO BE YOU"

Who are Jessica Irwin & Marlena Katene? They are two girls on a mission to live life to the absolute fullest. Both born with Cerebral Palsy which severely effects their speech and fine motor skills they are determined not to let anything stop them. Combined they are a force that cannot be stopped!

This November Jessica and Marlena are bringing out their first book! The book is A5 hard covered with 64pgs showcasing Jessica's landscape photography from all over the world coupled with Marlena’s inspirational quotes. At the front of the book there is a small bio on both of these amazing ladies. They are hoping not only to produce a book that looks great, they are also hoping to inspire others in similar situations to them to follow their dreams.

“ I have had the pleasure of knowing Jessica for the past nine years. During this time she never ceases to amaze me with her determination and passion to her photography. ”
- Ken Duncan

“ The best interview I've done all tour, how's the questions she hit me with. ”
- Joel Parkinson